Photographic equipment used by Florent POIGET

Astronomical optical systems :

TeleVue NP-101is Quadruplet Apochromatic refractor
with its modified focuser
Focuser modifications
Ø101mm, f/d = 5.4  540 mm focal length

TeleVue NP-101is inside the Kendrick Astro Tent

ASA Astrograph 12"N newtonian reflector
Ø300mm, f/d=3.62   1086mm focal length

Losmandy HGM TITAN german Goto mount

GEMINI 2 mini onboard computer with High torque motors

Connection diagram

Astronomical digital system :

Moravian G4-16000 cooled/regulated CCD camera
KAF-16803 antiblooming monochrome CCD chip / 36mm x 36mm
Mechanical shutter
4096 (H) x 4096 (V) pixels / 16.8Mpix / pixels 9µm
2 Peltier cooling stages & 2 fans

Moravian EFW-4M-5 filters wheel for LRVB + H-Alpha 5nm imaging
50mm x 50mm square filters
Astrodon Tru-Balance Gen2 E-series Square filters

Moravian G1-301 guiding CCD camera
Sony ICX414AL antiblooming monochrome CCD chip / 6.5 mm (H) × 4.9 mm (V)
656 (H) × 494 (V) pixels / Pixels 9.9µm
Progressive scan
Electronical shutter
Cooling by fan
Powered by USB 2.0 port

SkyMeca SkyTrack SLIM 3" Off-Axis Guider
Made to measure by SkyMeca

Old material :

SBIG ST-10XME cooled/regulated CCD camera
KAF-3200ME monochrome non-antiblooming CCD chip
2184 x 1472 / 3.2Mpix / pixels 6.8µm
2 Peltier cooling stages & one fan
Mechanical shutter
Integrated selfguiding TC-237H CCD chip
SBIG CFW8-A filter wheel for LRVB / H-Alpha 6nm / OIII 13nm

Astronomical visual equipment:

SkyWatcher Maksutov-Cassegrain reflector
Ø150mm, f/d = 12, focal length of 1800mm

SkyWatcher NEQ5 Pro Goto German Equatorial Mount

  • William Optics UWAN 28mm 82° 2" eyepiece
  • William Optics UWAN 16mm 82° 1.25" eyepiece
  • Explore Scientific N2 11mm 82° 1.25" eyepiece
  • Nagler 7mm 82° 1.25" eyepiece
  • Astrozap solar visual filter (Baader Astrosolar)
  • Orion flexible dewshield
  • dewheater Thousand Oaks Optical
  • Kendrick dewheater controller
  • Orion 17A power pack
  • Sky Optic 1.25" & 2" polarizing variable Moon filter
  • Astronomik 2" UV/IR filter
  • William optics 2" carbon Dielectric 99 % diagonal
  • Skymeca 2"/SCT adapter


Nikon D750 FX 24 x 36 24Mpix

FX lenses :

  • Nikon Nikkor 16mm-35mm f/4 G VRII (Nano Crystal coat)
  • Nikon Nikkor 24mm-120mm f/4 G VRII (Nano Crystal coat)
  • Samyang 12mm f/2.8 ED AS NCS Fish-Eye AE Nikon (Nano Crystal coat)
  • Samyang XP 14mm f/2.4 AE Nikon

Accessories :

  • Phottix Plato N8 UHF Remote control for Nikon D610
  • Hoya 77mm PRO1 DIGITAL NDx8
  • Hoya 77mm PRO1 DIGITAL NDx64
  • Heliopan 77mm ND 3.0 ES
  • Hoya 77mm UV PRO1 Super HMC (Nikkor 16-35)
  • Hoya 77mm UV HD DIGITAL (Nikkor 24-120)
  • Hoya 77mm HD DIGITAL Polarizing filter
  • Kenko 77mm PRO1 Digital R72 Infrared filter
  • Hoya 77mm R72 Infrared filter
  • LowePro FastPack 350 AW bag
  • easyCover D750 case
  • BENRO Travel Angel II C2692TV2 carbon tripod & BENRO V2 Ball Head

Old camera used
Nikon D700 FX 24 x 36 12Mpix