Visions of other worlds...

Dream land. Great spaces of the American West, indescribable wonders that take us to another planet, almost unreal. Vastness and colours make us reflect on the fate of these magical places, sometimes even wild. At the time or the ecological choices become a priority, we cannot remain insensitive to the beauty of the nature and greatness.

Infinite dreams. Large areas of the sky come to us after a journey of thousands of millions of years. Through space at the speed of light, these intangible worlds reach us from the bottom of the nearly imperturbable ages. Contemplation of the universe including the reality for some, has become blurred since the dawn of time.
They offer today after a lengthy journey of their light, which goes beyond the barriers of our imagination.

A dive into the very essence of our dreams to the discovery of these subliminal landscapes to the depths of the sky.
" Only the soul of our eyes carries the vision of our dreams to other worlds " ©

Florent Poiget

Florent Poiget | 

" When the Dream comes true, the reality becomes Dream " ©