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Florent POIGET uses an unusual equipment, to offer you, in Art Print, a trip to infinity.
Telescope of large diameter in carbon fiber, high quality astronomical refractor. Each of his instruments have a strictly controlled manufacturing advanced optics.
These two instruments are used on a German equatorial mount, motorized & computerized, of 75 kg. All the equipment weighs more than 100 kg.

The images are produced using a digital camera designed exclusively for astronomical photography and the sensor is cooled at -20 ° C.
Most astronomical images are realized in the Loiret state and the Quercy (Lot state) also.

West USA

Using a professional DSLR 24 x 36, Florent POIGET travels regularly in these gigantic wilderness of this part of the United States. From Arizona to Oregon through Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, his photos are sometimes the result of several hours of hiking and difficult temperature conditions.

Known or unknown sites, the American West is full of wonders which, depending on the weather and light, offer a breathtaking and magnificent show.
It is the dream of these great spaces that Florent POIGET offers in Large Art Prints.

Florent POIGET exhibitions

Florent POIGET's YouTube Channel (in french only)


  • West USA DREAM 2017 pictures arrives into the gallery
  • New Astronomical CCD camera is arrived : Moravian G4-16000 (KAF-16803 36mm x 36mm CCD chip) and its guiding Moravian G1-301 : Here

  • Discover the First G4-16000 astronomical images :  Here
  • A new Dream_Imaging online store will be launched soon in French version, so you could order photographs of Florent POIGET in large size, printed on Museum photo paper